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HK3 Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as KLS Marketing Sdn Bhd) is founded by Mr. Choi Hock Khim PPN and Mdm Chong Siew Fah.

The First Brand of Bamboo Salt in Malaysia

For 20 years ago, our researcher team ventured into the Korea in search of new natural remedy for good health and discovered a Korean’s best kept secret –The Bamboo Salt and have successfully become the first company to introduce Korean Bamboo Salt in Malaysia in 2003.

HK3 Products

Our continued pursuit of excellence products has enabled company to innovate more products to maximize people health and life potential. Our search for natural, safer, and better solutions never ends.

Research & Product Development

We place the health and safety of our consumers at the core of our business and develop products using science-backed evidence for the people as well as based on our expertise in life science and nutrition inspired by nature.

Obligation to
Quality & Safety

The extensive range of functional foods is innovated and developed by the R&D department using high-quality ingredients from around the world. The manufacturing process of the factory is strictly adhered to MeSTI, GMP guideline and comply with the regulations by the Ministry of Health.

No Colourings

No Atificial Preservatives

No Flavourings

Moreover, a sum of


has been insured for all HK3 products.

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Our Brand

HKIII is a meaningful brand that condenses the philosophy of the founders. The alphabets HK stands for Health King and the 3 strokes (III) stands for health, love and sustainable business. The yellowish green curve at the bottom represents the foundation of the business is providing health products and services to the community with a loving heart.

The yellowish red curve at the above represents the proper way of business development that generates good wealth for the distributors.

Our Mission

To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best quality products and customer services to every customer through integrated research, clinical practice and education.

Our Vision

Bringing the treasure of the earth to the people of the world.

HKIII Awards

The Golden Bull Awards

Asia Pacific Super Health Brand
2021 – 2023

Malaysia Consumer’s Choice

Reader’s Choice Award