9 Roasted Bamboo Salt: The Energy of Healing

9 roasted bamboo salt

9 Roasted Bamboo Salt: The Energy Healing What is 9 roasted bamboo salt? 9 roasted bamboo salt also known as purple bamboo salt. It is the highest grade of organic Korean bamboo salt. The bamboo salt is made following Korean traditional method. The sun-dried sea salt is filled into the bamboo trunk, secondly sealing the bamboo opening […]

Read This Before You Buy Bamboo Salt (Review By Experts & Users)

bamboo salt review

Bamboo Salt Review (By Experts) After knowing bamboo salt and bamboo salt therapies, experts from all over the world regard bamboo salt and the therapies as treasures. They undergo bamboo salt review by rigid experiments and validation and come out with the following conclusion: “Bamboo salt is the king of salt” Chinen Ryuichi, Secretary, Japanese Natural […]

Korean Bamboo Salt Beauty Soap (Marine Essence)

Bamboo Salt Soap

Bamboo Salt Soap – Harness The Very Best of Marine Essence And Earth Treasure For Perfect Skin Bamboo Salt Soap main ingredient – The Bamboo salt, is commonly used as traditional home-based medicine and natural skin care ingredient for more than thousand years in Korea. Bamboo salt is rich in minerals harness from marine essence […]