Depression And Diabetes A Potentially Lethal Combination

depression and diabetes a potentially lethal combination[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] Depression Diabetes Potentially Lethal Combination Let’s get right to the heart of the matter. There are three things you absolutely must know and, more important, believe, about depression. IT IS A REAL DISEASE. Depression is not a prolonged period of moodiness, or a downbeat reaction to the world around you, or a perpetually [...]

Diabetes And Sleep

diabetes and sleep[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] Diabetes Sleep If you frequently toss and turn at night, you spend your days feeling like a zombie. That’s bad enough, but here’s an even better reason to find a fix for your sleep problem: It could cause or worsen diabetes. Studies have long hinted that people who struggle with sleep are top [...]

Diabetic Workout Plan: The Easy Way

Diabetic Workout Plan: The Easy Way[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] Diabetic Workout Plan Would you like a low-impact way to ease into exercise? Can you spare a half hour? Of course you can. Well, then we can help you rejuvenate your health, spark your energy, and improve your mood. These are just some of the benefits of this 30-minute home-workout routine. No trips [...]

Diabetes Bicycling: Ride For Your Life

Diabetes Bicycling: Ride For Your Life[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] Diabetes Bicycling That old saying is literally 100 percent true. You really never do forget how to ride a bike. And riding has some fantastic benefits you just can't ignore. These reasons should be enough to make you go out to the garage and sweep the cob webs off that bike of yours. [...]

12 Yoga Poses For Defeating Diabetes

12 Yoga Poses For Defeating Diabetes[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] 12 Yoga Poses Defeating Diabetes Stand up. Really, stand up. Inhale deeply and reach for the sky as high as you can. Next, slowly blow your breath out, sweeping your arms past your sides and bending toward the floor as you empty your lungs. Draw fresh air into your lungs and slowly roll [...]

Optimize Walk Benefits For Diabetes: Step By Step Guide

Optimize Walk Benefits For Diabetes: Step By Step Guide[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] Walk Benefits Diabetes Taking a long walk is one of life's simplest joys. You can set out with a friend and get caught up on each other's lives. Or you can go it alone and spend your stroll observing, thinking, checking out new music, or listening to the birds chirp. Whatever your preference, [...]

Heart Rate: Your Magic Fitness Number When Exercise

Heart Rate: Your Magic Fitness Number When Exercise[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] Heart Rate Exercise Knowing a vital number—your heart rate–leads to making the most of exercising. When you tap into your ticker for some inside information during a workout, you’ll discover something we call your “magic fitness number,” a measure of how fast your heart beats during its optimal rate for exercise. Along with [...]

How Does Exercise Help Diabetes

How Does Exercise Help Diabetes[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] How Does Exercise Help Diabetes You've heard for years that exercise is good for you. But it has specific benefits for people with diabetes —a fact that healers from ancient cultures in India and China recognized centuries ago. Since then, scientists have dis covered exactly how exercise works its magic. Here's what exercising more can [...]

Diabetes Plate Method Handout

Diabetes Plate Method Handout[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] Diabetes Plate Method Handout Now, after hearing about what goes into a healthy diet, it’s time to tie it all together on your plate—literally. The plate method of dividing your meal by types of food can help you trim portion sizes, curb carbs, and maintain blood sugar. Such thinking is spreading. The USDA [...]

13 Tips For Diabetes Food Shopping

13 Tips For Diabetes Food Shopping[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] 13 Tips For Diabetes Food Shopping You came, you saw, you shopped. But then you got home from the supermarket and started unloading fatty snack items and deli meats. What went wrong? You fell back into the habit of shopping like an average American rather than a person with a dietary purpose. In [...]