Eat Salt = Eat Plastic? 90% Edible Salt Sold in Asia Contaminated With Micro Plastic

salt sample containing micro plastic globally

Eat Salt = Eat Plastic? 90% Edible Salt Sold in Asia Contaminated With Micro Plastic This is real. We eat salt everyday. But… National Geographic and The Star had reported 90% table salt contaminated with micro plastic. Micro plastic is health damaging. However, clinical trial has not been conducted. Because it is unethical to experiment […]

What Is Diabetes and Its Common Symptoms

what is diabetes and its common symptoms[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] What is diabetes? You can't see it, you usually can't feel it So what is diabetes? It's a complex disease that affects your entire body, and it takes healthcare professionals years to learn about its ins and outs. Once you've been diagnosed, though, you won't want to take that long to learn how [...]

Diabetes Blood Test: Why It’s Used, How It Works

diabetes blood test[uap-landing-commission slug='awareness'] Fortunately, a simple diabetes blood test can diagnose diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) suggests three diabetes tests that measure blood glucose in slightly different ways. Any one of them can give you the information you need. Diabetes Blood Test Suggested By ADA 1. Fasting Plasma Glucose Test If you make an appointment [...]

How To Make Bamboo Salt? Harnessing Healing Energies of Mother Nature

how to make bamboo saltWisdom Behind The Making of Bamboo Salt The making of bamboo salt is based on the five elements theory. The five elements are aspects of Qi energy. Qi presents in everywhere as a source of healing energy for lives. In scientific term, Qi is known as etheric energy, a very fine substance surrounding and permeating [...]

Bamboo Salt Side Effect (14 Years User’s Feedback)

bamboo salt side effect

Bamboo Salt Side Effect (14 Years User’s Feedback) You might be worried about the adverse effect of refined salt could also be found on bamboo salt. Then, you will go asking friend around you for a review of bamboo salt before making a purchase. While you are searching the relevant information regarding the pros and cons of bamboo salt, […]

9 Roasted Bamboo Salt: The Energy of Healing

9 roasted bamboo salt

9 Roasted Bamboo Salt: The Energy Healing What is 9 roasted bamboo salt? 9 roasted bamboo salt also known as purple bamboo salt. It is the highest grade of organic Korean bamboo salt. The bamboo salt is made following Korean traditional method. The sun-dried sea salt is filled into the bamboo trunk, secondly sealing the bamboo opening […]

Read This Before You Buy Bamboo Salt (Review By Experts & Users)

bamboo salt review

Bamboo Salt Review (By Experts) After knowing bamboo salt and bamboo salt therapies, experts from all over the world regard bamboo salt and the therapies as treasures. They undergo bamboo salt review by rigid experiments and validation and come out with the following conclusion: “Bamboo salt is the king of salt” Chinen Ryuichi, Secretary, Japanese Natural […]

Korean Bamboo Salt Beauty Soap (Marine Essence)

Bamboo Salt Soap

Bamboo Salt Soap – Harness The Very Best of Marine Essence And Earth Treasure For Perfect Skin Bamboo Salt Soap main ingredient – The Bamboo salt, is commonly used as traditional home-based medicine and natural skin care ingredient for more than thousand years in Korea. Bamboo salt is rich in minerals harness from marine essence […]