Why is bamboo salt effective to modern diseases?

What has modern lifestyle brought to our bodies? The answer is the increase in acidic metabolites.

Modern people tend to live in a rapid and stressful lifestyle so acid generated by metabolism may largely increase. The human body must neutralize and exclude the acidic substances out of the body so as to ensure that the blood pH value is maintained in between 7.35-7.45. The accumulated acid in the body will gradually increase and stay or even store at a particular organ. It may one day degrade the function of the organ and bring diseases to the body. But what the worst is that people still continue to absorb acidic food like soft drinks which pH values are around 2.5; belong to strong acidic drinks. If one hopes to neutralize a glass of soft drinks to neutral, he may need 32 cups of alkaline water with ph value at 10. Therefore, the accumulation of acidic substances in vivo may cause local blood coagulation, the decrease of blood circulation around fat tissues. The capillaries at the part with accumulated acid are usually blocked therefore the blood supply may decrease at that part. Over some time, the result in tissue and organs damage may cause.

According to modern medicine, modern diseases are caused by the accumulation of acidic substances, poor blood circulation and the decrease in cell viability. In fact, the medical professions are still trying to look for a special drug to treat acidification, pitifully most of the drugs themselves are acidic furthermore none of them is able to reduce the acidity in the body. Therefore, the increase in the acid metabolites which is unable to be excluded has induced the occurrence of the modern diseases.

Bamboo salt is an alkaline food. Its ability to recuperate an acidic physique and neutralize toxins has decided its irreplaceably miraculous treatment to modern diseases.