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Bamboo Salt – Expert’s Quotes

“Bamboo salt is the king of salt”
—-Japanese natural medical society secretary Chinen Ryuichi

“Food, which consists of more restorative capacity, is better for human body. In this sense, the bamboo salt is most outstanding food. “
—-Japanese renowned medical scientist Shigeo Haruyama

“Yellow pine bamboo (An alias for bamboo salt in Japan) is an exceptional discovery by researchers of science”
—-Japanese renowned medical scientist Nakayama

“To clean blood with bamboo salt, the result is beyond challenge.”
“Bamboo salt is a kind of remedies used to prevent and cure various types of diseases.”

“There are two definitions on medicine: The first definition is that we call bamboo salt a kind of natural remedies due to the use of natural substances. Secondly, it is also a remedy compounded by medical particles gathered in the Universe. Bamboo salt is the first complex remedy.
—-Korean folk medical scientist Kim Il Hoon

“Bamboo salt consists of great efficacy towards cancers.”
—-Korean expert of bamboo salt Kim Zhong Hshan

“Bamboo salt can efficaciously control the acidified microbe and carcinogen from  cancerous growth and aging.”
—-Professor Park Geon Jung from the University of Fushan, Korea

“Bamboo salt proves a remarkable efficacy towards stomach problems.”
—-China professor Wang Qi from the Chinese Medicine Institute of Post-graduate

“Bamboo salt, is the most and the last amazing remedy in 21st century.”
—-Creator of Chinese bamboo salt Dr. Lin Yun Gao

“Bamboo salt therapies are so efficacious.”
—-Former chief of Chinese medical administration in China

“Bamboo salt is a safe basic food. Over-intake will not cause side effects.”
—- Harvard University Cancer Research Center

“Human blood pH must be maintained between pH 7.35 to pH7.45. An acidic blood pH may cause many health problems.”
—- World Health Organization (WHO)