How does bamboo salt restrain the ageing of body cells?

The process of cell ageing is the result of waste accumulation. Senescence of cells is a result that a variety of toxins and metabolites accumulate in the body therefore it leads the body to be “polluted”. The “pollution” is a cumulative process. It firstly occurs at a certain part; then it will change to the blood to cause blood turbidity or the tissue and organ to lead to ischemia, hypoxia or even other diseases.

Water maintains all biological lives, is also a strong solvent. Water carries all types of nutrients, waste, toxins, contaminants and what on. Blood circulation delivers a variety of nutrient and oxygen at the same time it collects metabolic toxins and waste. It is clear that each substance in a body is carried in and removed by blood so the composition and the quality of blood, as well as the health of blood vessels, is in fact a direct bearing on the life of everyone.

Consequently, the change of body fluid is particularly important. Acidic body fluid contains less oxygen so the cells may be in a long-term hypoxia. It may one day degrade the functions and age the body. Since bamboo salt is an alkaline food, it can effectively change the physique by neutralizing a variety of acidic toxins and increasing cells’ oxygen supply. As the result, it prevents cell senescence.