Why is bamboo salt said the best food to change the constitution?

Organisms possess a renewable ability and an incredible power of natural healing. From skin injury, bleeding, hemostasis, scab healing to illness, there is no exception. An organism may heal the injury or illness itself through its own ability of natural healing.

Now, people generally recognize that the polluted era has jeopardized us, causing us constantly aged and going for continuous treatments for the diseases but the treatments or medicine can cause damage or even aggravate the damage. Harmful substances, no matter they are from the polluted environment or produced by metabolism, are acidic .Therefore, the body in the acidic environment for a long time may finally restrict the function of cells and weaken the ability to fend off the harmful substances

Natural food product like bamboo salt plays a role to clear various toxins and acidic products out of the body yet other general health products add various nutrient to the body in order to nourish cells. In fact, the key to change the body health is the removal of toxins so it is more important to remove all toxins out of the body than to add a variety of nutrition.