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Bamboo Salt Versus Refined Salt

What is refined salt?
Natural sea salt contains a great variety of minerals that our body needs. It was first consumed by our ancestors in early days. However, modern development of civilization has resulted in a large quantity of industrial and household waste-water being channeled into the sea, making our ocean murky and polluted. When the heavy metals like lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium in the salt enter our body, it will be hard to dispel and accumulated to form the toxin. In short, salt itself is not to blame, but the poisonous substances that harm human body. Therefore, natural sea salt has to be processed before consuming it and thus, the refined salt is produced. After being processed, the salt, although is assured of its hygiene, the essential minerals will have been eliminated through processing, causing imbalance in its nutritional value. In other words, the seemingly clean “refined salt”, due to the processing skill which is still unable to eliminate the number one killer of the heavy metal pollution, it becomes obvious that the heavy metal substances are being filtered away alongside body’s minerals. Therefore, reducing the consumption of refined salt is seriously advisable.

In order to promote salt’s functionality, the industry which produce “refined salt + calcium”, “refined salt + potassium”, “refined salt + zinc”, “refined salt + selenium” are mushrooming. As a portion of trace elements and minerals are added, the salt is dubbed “nutri-salt” or “multi-functional salt”. In so far this kind of salt is slightly better than the refined salt, still it is not the “nutri-salt” of its original properties. This means, the real salt must contain 60 plus minerals and trace elements; while the so-called “nutri-salt” does not only lack of nutritional value, but also of its mineral content. Besides, the refined salt contains other chemical additive, such as the anti-caking agent. Glittering salt is not necessary the “clean” salt.

Bamboo salt is gaining world’s concern
In the 20th century, in the post period of 80’s, Korea pioneered in producing “bamboo salt” – a salt produce that aroused people’s concern. Simply put, bamboo salt is made by inserting the natural sea salt into the bamboo shoots and then being burned for several times with pieces of pinewood. In the processing of bamboo salt, the natural sea salt, pinewood, pine resin and red clay are added. Bamboo salt, with the above specially blended materials, with high temperature and processing steps, the poisonous substances in the natural sea salt are largely being neutralized and removed; meanwhile retaining and intensifying its medicinal value dramatically. With bamboo salt’s preventive and therapeutic functions towards various modern diseases caused by industrial toxin, bamboo salt is undisputedly the finest product amidst the present refined salts. The circulation of bamboo salt signifies the brand new opening of the truly “Healthy Salt Era” in the 21st century.

The bamboo salt contains minerals in nature but in several processing in high temperature, the amount of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, silicon, and etc. will increase in large quantum; especially zinc, which is the most (four times of its content in natural sea salt). Bamboo salt’s strengthening of muscle and immunity is much related to zinc. Zinc is functional to the men’s sex potency.

The potential of bamboo salt is that, first and foremost, bamboo salt replenishes the serious lacking of minerals and trace elements of people nowadays to reach chemical molecular balance in human body. Here, we cannot put an equal to the minerals found in bamboo salt and the minerals found in various kind of refined salt. The bamboo salt comes from the blend of natural minerals while the refined salt is the mineral additives. They are different in their natural properties. A hint to remind that selenium found in bamboo salt is able to cleanse and neutralize heavy metal toxicity and to prevent digestion related diseases and women’s breast cancer, as well as effective to cure urinary tract diseases, cancer and leukemia. All these are proven in clinical cases.

Arsenic in bamboo salt
Besides, bamboo salt contains arsenic that is not found in refined salt. Perhaps it is not a pleasant word. Arsenic is absolutely a poisonous substance as found in rat repellant. Arsenic possesses poisonous effect does not only kill rats; even human beings, elephant and other giant animals are not to survive with arsenic. In fact, consuming too much of arsenic in the ocean can be fatal. However, proper consumption of it may cure diseases. Arsenic has intense medicinal effect to eliminate harmful germs in human body.

There are endless resources in the big ocean the earthly living things rely on, among which of utmost importance is arsenic. If it were to conclude that salt is the ocean’s concentrate which sustains its existence, arsenic is therefore the salt’s nucleus. When the toxins in the air and on the earth combine, the toxin will turn to infectious germs to trigger cancer and other diseases. When the toxin in the air and on the earth combine to cause living creatures contract diseases, the disease will almost be impossible to cure if the “King of Poison” –arsenic is not used. Arsenic in the raw salt, depending on its content quality, can be a fatal poisonous substance to the human body. However, arsenic in the bamboo salt, when has gone through high temperature of over 1000°C, and also been balanced by various medicinal value and trace elements, the intense poisonous effect is neutralized, remaining “the life-saving properties” to cure diseases and maintain health.

The differences between bamboo salt and refined salt

Type of Salt

Processing method









Bamboo Salt

Repeated high heat roasting at 900°C-1500°C


Traditional method to roast constantly, forming an organics that contains 70-80 types of minerals and trace elements, contains no additives and anti-caking agent

Strong alkalinity with pH 9.0-12.0

Salty and sweet, favourable to consume


No harm if over-consume bamboo salt. Bamboo salt balances blood pressure and blood sugar, neutralizes toxins, detoxifies and excretes toxin, replenishes essential trace elements, strengthens immunity

Refined Salt

High concentration of NaCl over 99.5%, contains additives of iodine, zinc and other minerals, anti-caking agent


High concentration of NaCl over 99.5%, contains additives of iodine, zinc and other minerals, anti-caking agent

Weak acidity with pH 6.5-6.8

Extremely salty to bitter, unfavourable to consume


Harmful if eating much, causing blood pressure and blood sugar to rise and other diseases