Can natural food products recuperate diseases? What are the reasons?

The answer is in the affirmative that natural food products can recuperate diseases although many people do not recognize the fact. People just believe in seeing doctor or taking drugs when sickness comes to them. Of course, some diseases have to rely on drugs indeed, this is an indisputable fact. What are the differences between the treatments through natural food products and medicine? Natural food product is a media to awake the functions of a body and restore its natural resistance to disease (natural healing power). Coming from improper diet and imbalanced nutrition, modern diseases bring the acidic toxins which can not be eliminated from the body. It in time weakens the functions of a particular organ and forms cancer.

The reasons that natural food products can help cure diseases are that it is nutritionally balanced, alkaline and less acidic substances produced after metabolism so it can improve the body’s antioxidant level. Bamboo salt, the embodiment of natural health, has strong ability of penetration and detoxification. Once enters a body, it can immediately participate the buffer system in the body, neutralize and eliminate the toxins out of the body. The emission of toxins is conducive to the activation, restoration of cells so that the functions of organs or tissue can be corrected. This is something that medicine can not do. These are the advantages and logics of how natural food products can cure diseases.