Is there any criterion to eat salt? What set the standards down?

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Salt, after all, is a kind of food yet medicine. To human health, there is always a standard to consume salt but this standard should not be developed by others but oneself. There aren’t too many rules and regulations but to consume salt at will is so far the general principle of eating salt. After all, salt is a very special kind of food. It may sometimes bring some adverse reactions towards the patients who are allergic to salt, with nephritis, high blood pressure, so these people can’t take salt at their will. According to our understanding health in a more natural way, human life is a perfect system among all living things. In accordance with the Taoist view towards the human body, a human body is described a small universe with high intelligence and a full automatic control system. Under normal circumstance of a human body, the biological directive issued by a body is mostly more reliable than the so-called expert’s advice.

Let us exemplify the way that a human body absorbs nutrient. A human body possesses a balanced set of effective mechanism to control absorption in order to prevent excessive intake of food and nutrients. The mechanism is able to remove the excessive intake out from the body meanwhile it also keeps the useful nutrients when the body needs them. There is always a considerable scope left between minimum and maximum intake in order to adjust the health of the body. A special function of the human body is that it is able to adapt a reasonable excess and local shortage. It is same as how a human body absorbs salt.

The prerequisite is that we have to take high-quality salt.