Why choose HKIII?

HKIII Diabetes Management System is a holistic approach to improve diabetes and achieve optimum health. It doesn’t treat symptoms, it treats body.

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What our clients say

Short introduction of HKIII Diabetes Management System

After consuming HKIII, the blood sugar level has dropped from 10 mmol/L to 5.8 mmol/L!

After consuming HKIII, the blood sugar level has dropped from 485mg/dl to 145mg/dl

Quality product creates healthy life!

Patimah Binti Yahya, 56 Years Old , Perling, Johor
Diabetes, Constipation, Insomnia

I am suffering from diabetes (three years), constipation and insomnia. At first, I used 3 packs of HKIII bamboo salt per day, it is after breakfast, after lunch and before bedtime respectively. Thanks to God, my blood sugar has dropped from 14mmol / L  to 7mmol / L in just one week! Thanks HKIII Bamboo Salt!

Jamilah Binti Ahmad, 57 Years Old ,Jengka,Pahang

I have been suffering from diabetes since 1996. Before that, I tried all kinds of drugs and health care products, but not effective. When I was ill, I knew HKIII bamboo salt, I tried to eat. Thank God, my blood sugar dropped from the 26.6mmol / L to 5.3mmol / L after a short period of taking the bamboo salt. Until now, my blood sugar levels are maintained at the healthy range. Thanks HKIII Bamboo Salt!

Ngu Siing Hiong,55 Years Old,SIBU 
Diabetes (10 years), high blood pressure

I have been suffering from diabetes for more than a decade, the reading is as high as 12mmol / L. I also have a serious problem of high blood pressure, need to take five pills of high blood pressure medicine every day to control the disease. Since drinking bamboo salt water, two months later, my blood sugar has been improved, it stays between 5.5-6.0mmol / L, blood pressure problems have also been greatly improved. Thanks for the help of HKIII bamboo salt!

HKIII Philosophy
“Your well-being is our priority and responsibility. We believe HKIII Diabetes Management System can help you reduce blood sugar, and keep you away from diabetes. Let us assist you to achieve your health goal.”

Testimonial From Diabetic Patients

Due to HKIII, we feel love

Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart weakness

My name as below, I have diabetes, high blood pressure and heart weakness. Before I start taking bamboo salt, I feel weak and my feet swollen. After taking bamboo salt three days later, my blood sugar has dropped from 13mmol / L to 6mmol / L. Other health problems are gradually disappearing after taking bamboo salt for one year later and I become healthier now. I am very grateful to HKIII bamboo salt, I will continue to take it!

Tan Siew Gui,  59year old, Kuantan


I am 41 years old. A 19 years diabetic patient.

I tried many supplements and spent so much money in 19 years before I met HKIII. I tried every product recommended by friends. All those products usually effective for few months, after that, no more effective. I requested an answer from one of the product vendor. He said: “The supplement dosage is too low, you should increase dosage and add on other supplements”. However, it was not working. I told myself I shouldn’t believe in health care products anymore, but often times, I was lured by the product testimonials and continue the vicious cycle.

I have been taking diabetes medicine and insulin for many years, but the blood sugar level is still high. Someday, I come to know HKIII Bamboo Salt on Facebook. After 9 months of consideration period, I’ve decided to give myself the last chance to try health product. After consuming HKIII for 3 months, my doctor is amazed, because my HbA1c reading has dropped from 10.7% to 7.2%. This is the first time I receive compliment from doctor. I am very grateful to HKIII Bamboo Salt, I will keep using it.

Ann Siew, Singapore

HKIII Diabetes Management System

Diabetes itself is not harmful if you manage to maintain healthy blood sugar level. However, when blood sugar level is continuously out of control, it finally leads to unwanted diabetes complication, such as: blindness, skin problem, loss of sensation, amputation, kidney disease and etc.

Diabetic patient is not the only one who suffers, but their family members, too.

After 12 years of practice, HKIII Diabetes Management System helps you reduce blood sugar level in 7 days! Moreover, it helps you achieve stable blood sugar level in long term!