Why should diabetic patients hold more bamboo salt in mouth?

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Diabetes, in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine, is “disease with thirst” which it is a chronic disease of endocrine disorders. Pharyngeal fluid can help treat the thirst moreover it is important that pharyngeal saliva is effective on the rehabilitation of diabetes. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that kidney keeps water and produces saliva and sperms so pharyngeal fluid is helpful to supply more water to kidney. With sufficient renal water, the thirst may be eased and the internal heat may be cooled naturally.

The results show that except pancreas, the parotid, that excretes saliva, is another important element to make insulin in the blood increase. The miraculous effect that bamboo salt provides on diabetes is that when diabetic patients hold an amount of bamboo salt in their mouths, saliva may be produced largely. At this time, the renal water may give a great supply of moisture therefore patients with diabetes should be aware that they should hold as much bamboo salt as possible.