Why do we get recuperated responses after consuming bamboo salt?

The so-called adjusted reactions mean the interval changes in vivo after a period of bamboo salt’s consumption. These reactions include some degenerated cells, tissues or organs start to restore their functions or the body reacts with some pain or some unusual reactions due to the movement of the inner toxins.

For example, the stomach may start wriggle and contract. The blockage of the microcirculation may dredge. The storage of toxic waste in the body may be excreted out of the body through excrement, urine or sweat. The occurrence of the responses is owing to the strong function of detoxification by bamboo salt. It helps cells re-adapt to a new but normal internal environment. After bamboo salt consumption, the internal environment gains a great improvement and is recuperated.

“The body is like a rusty iron bar.”

We may use the simple metaphor to describe the pain, dizziness, cold sweat, fast heart rate and so on. When we pour some anti-rusty agent onto the rusty bar, much rusty and polluted liquid may come out from the bar then the bar may become sleek and smooth after being cleaned. The length of the intestine in body is 6 times longer than an adult body. During the process of recuperating, the body may continuously produce toxins. So, if the excrement constantly produces yet is unable to be removed from the body, it may put the physical in a severely disadvantaged situation.