Is it the health principle that we have to consume 6 grams of salt a day? If we exceed the amount, will it affect the health?

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Our answer is negative. To take 6 grams, 8 grams or even 10 grams of salt will not be an issue so long as it is your body’s need. Human health will not be affected just because of a little more of salt. On the contrary, it is likely to detract the health due to the insufficiency of salt caused by the man-made control.

However, a prerequisite for this topic is that high-quality salt for human consumption is a must.

Where does the advice of 6 grams of salt a day come from? Why is it so popular? This is derived from the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Where does proposal from the World Health Organization find its scientific proof? All along, many western nutritionists believe that the “safe intake” of sodium in a body should remain between 1000 – 2500 mg a day, salt content in a body should be about 40 percent. According to the ratio that one’s intake of salt should remain in between 2.5 grams – 6 grams approximately. Therefore, the 6 grams advised here is the basic for these findings from the World Health Organization.

Let us skip how many people, races, countries and authoritative data that these nutritionists have investigated. Although the term “safe intake” is a bit exaggerating, what does “safe intake” exactly mean? According to the logic, does that mean once the daily intake of sodium is more than 2500 mg, it may lead the body to a “dangerous intake”.

According to statistics, the global per capita intake of sodium each day is between 100 – 200 mmol on average. According to the volume, the global per capita intake of salt is between 5.8 – 12 grams a day. It is precisely 1 time higher than the standard that WHO has recommended. Furthermore, this is only the global average. Among different countries, races, people in some certain areas take more salt yet some take less. Is it too incredible if we can disregard the differences and characteristics of different races and to set a general standard at 6 grams of salt intake to unify humanity.

The conclusions therefore are: not to say 6 grams a day, even 1 gram, low-grade salt is always considered a vain; but 6 grams of high-quality salt is only a kind recommendation. It is absolutely not an authoritative data.

You can demand more salt or even lessen the consumption based on your body needs; you will never damage your health due to a few more spoonful of salt or prolong your life just owing to the persistence of 6 grams of salt’s principle.