People think chloride ions makes a good impact on high blood pressure. Can bamboo salt resolve the problem of chloride ions?

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There is always a heated argument among medical professions about how salt can affect blood pressure and they have always persisted a consistent cognition. That is high blood pressure is actually caused by sodium ions. But in the 80s, there are some experiments found out that the blood pressure wouldn’t be risen after replacing sodium carbonate to salt. This conclusion shows that sodium salt has nothing to do with a rise in blood pressure. Until the 90’s, chloride ions was used in place of salt and found there was a rise of blood pressure. The experiments clearly show that chloride ions in the culprit in leading to a rise in blood pressure.

So how do chloride ions affect the human blood pressure?

There is a substance called “converting enzyme” in the human body. It plays a stabilizing effect yet is not harmful to the human body. However, once angiotensin-1 turns into angiotensin-2, it may cause the rise in blood pressure. But what makes angiotensin-1 turn into 2? The answer is that the “converting enzymes” involves in the conversion process. The involvement stimulates and activates the chloride ions, largely turning angiotensin-1 into angiotensin-2 so as to lead to high blood pressure. This view is now a very authoritative point of view.

Bamboo salt has a very good component to remove chlorine. This feature is also an important factor of how bamboo salt can heal the blood pressure.