HKIII – Mineral Coffee (Diabetic-friendly) 20g x 20 sachets


Ingredients: Korean Bamboo Salt, instant coffee powder (Arabica and Robusta), maltitol, non-dairy creamer

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HKIII Mineral Coffee


Coffee has become a vital drink in life. It serves as energy drink that open up you day. Also, it is an indulgence after hours of work. However, it is hard to find diabetic friendly instant coffee in the market at the moment. As a pursue of best coffee for diabetic,  Mineral Coffee (diabetic-friendly) is therefore formulated.

According to research, coffee has blood sugar lowering effect. Together with bamboo salt, this property is further enhanced. On the other hand, sugar replacement is used as the sweetener. It tastes sweet but doesn’t cause sugar spikes.

Arabica and Robusta coffee powder are chosen for best aroma and taste. Bamboo salt enhances the mouth feel and sugar replacement gives unforgettable healthy sweet experience.


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