What is the reason that bamboo salt can effect on the tumor cells?

The causes of modern diseases are due to the accumulation of acidic substances. Poor blood circulation may decline cell viability. Living in the polluted environment, a large amount of acidic toxins intrudes on the body yet the body is unable to discharge the toxins timely as the result the toxins are deposited at a site in vivo.

Warburg, a German biochemist discovered the reason for tumor in year 1923 and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931. The main reason for tumor is that in the normal cellular chemical respiration, the aerobic glucose metabolism is replaced by anaerobic glycolysis. The growth of tumor is the process of anaerobic glycolysis and the process is originated from hypoxia. When acidic physique’s cells are in a hypoxic condition, the body will react with weariness and the immunity may decrease its ability. When more acidic extra-cellular fluid occurs, it may acidify the blood but the cells can still survive in the acidic environment and gradually change its nature. The propagation of such cells will neither be controlled by brain function, nor will it be same as the DNA memory code line. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and form tumors.

Warburg believed that cell hypoxia is the root of tumor and hypoxic cells is the result of acid poisoning in the body. Therefore, the use of alkaline mineral is beneficial for removing toxic acidic compounds at the same time releasing hydroxyl ions and supplying remaining oxygen to the cells in order to prevent the occurrence of tumor.

If the pH value in the body is lower than 7, it equates to cut off the OH ˉ. The OH ˉ is a stable form of unusual oxygen. The oxygen in a free state and the unusual oxygen are essential to life and the body. The latter especially seems more important to the normal cells operation. When over-acidification occurs in cells, the cells at the site may lack of sufficient oxygen.

Healthy cells are alkaline while malignant cells are acidic therefore it is more selective to choose a surgery to remove malignant tumors. However, the surgery “successfully” cut the tumor off but the acidic environment in vivo is still unchanged, the tumor tissue may one day relapse. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy will cause the healthy cell to dead. These dead cells will then form acidic waste and continuously damage healthy tissues. Therefore, the use of bamboo salt is strongly encouraged to proceed the alkaline and acid neutralization in order to emit more acid poison.