Are there any scientific proofs to promote health by taking 10 – 15 grams of salt a day?

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Of course there are. According to the theory of natural health principles, the needs to salt that a human body requires is a part of natural factors and not of compulsory restrictions. If you actually need 10 grams of salt to sustain life a day but you listen to a doctor’s recommendation to eat 6 grams, will this give you great harm on health? A human being is a living thing. It can’t be generalized with one or two figures. This is the basic difference between the natural health and western medicine.

Take the human body’s absorption of sodium as an example. It is not as what dieticians think, too. If one overdoses sodium, the large intestine may stop absorbing and let kidney remove the surplus of sodium in blood out of the body. In warm climate conditions, the acceptance of a body for the range of sodium is 0.2 grams -18 grams; it is about 90 times difference between the upper and lower gaps. In accordance with the calculation, the intake of salt a day should be around 0.5 grams -45 grams. How can we simply summarize the consumption with only 6 grams of salt a day in such a wide range?

Korean has a very popular mean in treating diseases with bamboo salt. How much is it? It might frighten those people who hate salt away with such great amount – it is 35 grams daily. This is because bamboo salt once saved thousands of Koreans lives who were suffering from a variety of diseases. So dare they consume salt with such a large amount if there is no scientific proof? The promotion of 10 – 15 grams of bamboo salt a day is only a conservative method to reduce the daily bamboo salt consumption due to the alert minds and physical characteristics of Asians.