Will bamboo salt be effective to stone? Why?

Bamboo salt is beneficial for curing a variety of stones. Generally, most of protein-rich food contains a lot of sulfur and phosphorus which metabolites may form sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. Before the metabolites are excreted by the kidney, they need to react neutralization with ammonia and alkaline substances.

The stone is a hard mineral, which is normally formed by sediment composed by sulfuric salt and uric acidic salt. The calcium contained in phosphoric acidic salt is used to neutralize the high-content toxic phosphoric acid therefore stone looks very much like calcium sediment. That is the reason why many people mistakenly believe that too much calcium is the cause of stone.

Calcium deposits can be dissolved in the urine yet kidney stone can’t. On the contrary, stone can be dissolved in alkaline solution therefore bamboo salt is beneficial for recuperating stone. With age, acidic salt may accumulate in cells, causing cell rigidity and decreasing vitality. So the aging of human cells is due to the accumulation of calcium salt. By adding an alkaline substance, like bamboo salt, can help remove the accumulation of calcium salt.