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  • Best longevity gene (SIRT1) activator
  • SIRT1 activation is 4 times more potent than NMN
  • SIRT1 activation is 5 times more potent than resveratrol
  • Anti-glycation power is 7 times more potent than aminoguanidine
  • Packaging: 6g x 30 sachets


GlucoDNA contains KPMF-8, a direct activator of SIRT1. It is 4 times more potent than NMN and 5 times more potent than resveratrol. Therefore, GlucoDNA is the best longevity gene (SIRT1) activator.

In addition, GlucoDNA anti-glycation is 7 times more effective than aminoguanidine (a type of diabetic drug). It is the best anti-glycation food.

Presently, GlucoDNA is revered among those prioritizing kidney health. By activating the longevity gene, it kickstarts the process of kidney recovery, leading to substantial improvements in renal wellness.

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