Bamboo Salt & Diabetes

What is diabetes?

In short, diabetes is a disease when urine excretes together with sugar. More specifically, diabetes is a syndrome caused by metabolic disorder of glucose, fat, and protein due to the absolute or relative lack of insulin; its basic characteristic is that there is an abnormal increase in the thickness of glucose in the blood circulation. Glucide, also known as carbohydrate, the glucose contained in blood is known as blood sugar. The glucide in blood gives priority to glucose.

Normal blood sugar fluctuates at a certain range based on one’s diet, is a dynamic equilibrium state. The blood sugar we often mention should contain 70 – 100mg sugariness in a 100ml of blood at a normal state. Under normal circumstances, the body can naturally absorb the sugar. It is also a must to absorb it. If one can not normally absorb the sugar, the sugar may excrete together with urine. Such body may consequently bring some health problems owing to the lack of nutrient absorption. So bamboo salt is the real enemy of diabetes.

The underlying causes of diabetes

So, what can lead the abnormal blood sugar? That means what are the real causes of diabetes? Modern medicine generally reckons that diabetes is a disease caused by the deficient function of insulin. It is like the leading door to cells (insulin receptor) has been shut down or the door has become rusty so the human body becomes unable to accept insulin and conduces towards diseases caused by metabolic disorder of sugar, protein and fat.

For further research, when there aren’t any disorders occurred in insulin and insulin receptor but there are some disorders happened in the cells in insulin receptor which requires the supply of insulin; for instance: it can not interpret or exclude insulin consequently it may lead to diabetes. I personally think the most appropriate method to illustrate the interrelationship between them is to assume that insulin is likened a plug, the insulin receptor is likened a jack and the insulin receptor in cells is likened a socket. The plug, jack or socket itself might arise some problems. In brevity, the main reason to induce diabetes may be very complicated.

The functions of insulin

Then, what is insulin in the end? What functions does it work in a human body? In simple, insulin is a kind of hormones produced in the pancreas. It mainly plays the role on regulating blood sugar.

Let us make one more assumption. We assume that the cells in one’s body are tiny machines individually. These machines require fuel to exercise. The nutritional components like protein, fat and carbohydrate that we eat break down are for the supply of cells. At this time, glucose is the main fuel that cells need. In other words, the glucose is like the gasoline that all machines use, however, the entrance of glucose needs the assistance of insulin receptor. Then, what is the insulin receptor originally?

Now, let’s make an analogy. In our daily life, when we are ready to pour water or other liquid into a pot, in order to pour it faster or not to spill the liquid, a funnel is always needed. The receptor like the funnel is cell membrane. At this point, we must bear in mind that the absence of insulin-glucose may unlikely or even impossibly let glucose penetrate cells alone. Another point to remember is that only after the glucose penetrates into the cells, then the glucose can be used as fuel in a body.

Thus, we can conclude that only abnormal insulin can lead the metabolic disorders; diabetes alone can trigger a variety of complications. Moreover, the incidence of diabetes is always accompanied by metabolic disorders from the beginning to the end; diabetes is without doubt metabolic disorder.

Pancreatic fatigue may induce insulin secretion disorder

Insulin is produced by the pancreas. On normal terms, when blood sugar in the blood increases, the pancreas will immediately respond to secrete insulin. After insulin secretion, glucose in the blood may flow into cells. As we know, the condition of pancreatic secretion is the increase in blood sugar. However, an increase in sugar in the blood is the cause of diabetes instead and also the lack of insulin. How can this be interpreted? In other words, what is the main obstacle of the secretion of insulin?

All modern diseases are generated by muddy blood. So, why does the blood become muddy? Blood turbidity is induced due to the excessively weary body brain, organs and limbs. The inability of insulin secretion is because the pancreas in the body is over weary. It fully demonstrates that a long-term excessive intake of high-sugar, high-fat, high-protein, high-calorie food in a positive food category may increase the cholesterol level in the blood and turn the physique to acidic gradually. Experiments show that: if the pH value of body fluid transits 0.1 unit to acid, 30% of insulin activity will be declined.

Medical experts have proven that the membrane of physical cells and body fat cells in obese patients has lower perception to the insulin receptors than the people with normal health condition. This is because excess fat has blocked the channel. As a result, the role and ability of insulin can significantly be declined in response to the body. The cell membrane, which is supposed to remain welcoming attitude towards insulin, can not perceive and finally refuse the insulin’s visit, therefore, the pancreas must secrete more insulin; consequently, the pancreas will become weary and exhausted. Therefore, insulin secretion will be depleted.

Why is bamboo salt effective?

Obesity or diabetes, caused by excessive cholesterol, normally happens on typical acidic constitutions. Bamboo salt is a kind of alkaline food, so the causes of diabetes can effectively be uprooted at the most direct, effective and radical way through bamboo salt therapy; it means to give the acidic constitutions a thoroughgoing improvement. On the other hand, bamboo salt, possesses powerful penetration and osmotic pressure, is beneficial for the transmission of nutrition into cells at the same time inhibiting the nerve gland of pancreas and the inflammation of cells so as to restore the function of these organs to their original state. Without bamboo salt’s powerful ability of detoxification, it is absolutely impossible to open the “rusty” door of cells. Bamboo salt, with its excellent blood cleansing function, involves in the manufacture of blood, infiltrates into the gastric juice and bile in order to help them more lubricating. Finally, the metabolic disorder begins returning to a normal state gradually.

Inner heat, another main cause of diabetes, bamboo salt itself has strong inhibition towards it; like fire at high temperature can instantaneously melt snow; it defines to a tee that when more calories are accumulated, all the food we take will soon be melted without a trace. Consequently, the occurrence of hunger often inevitably brings heavy intake of food. Even the body fluid is also affected by the heat, so thirst is unavoidably caused so often. At this point, can the symptoms of diabetes then disappear if we eat more rice or drink more water? No, absolutely not. Originally, a human body should not solely reply on plain water. At this rate, the nutrition in the body will soon lose; the full absorption of nutrition needs the combination of salt and water so that the heat and toxins in the body can be eliminated. Here, we can understand that our body is infinitely wonderful/ full of wonders.

Particularly, the pharmacological principle that bamboo salt can cure diabetes lies in the fact that it possesses the “sacred water” (the essence of bamboo) to cure the thirst happened at the early stage of diabetes. Diabetes may be uncured if there isn’t any moisture of honeydew; not to mention that bamboo salt and honeydew are the perfect complement to reduce the thirst fundamentally. The performance of the medium-term risk of diabetes is characterized by hunger, bamboo salt possesses loess composition to nourish the body and strengthen the energy. Then, the composition of the iron in bamboo salt does the final treatment of diabetes.

A diet-break is the basic of bamboo salt therapy. Most diabetics have weaker immune systems, therefore the often bamboo salt’s consumption accompanied with a diet-break therapy can be the most important and basic means to enhance damaged metabolism and improve constitution. Bamboo salt dose is normally different under one’s situation. Basically, It is the best method to hold more than 10 grams of bamboo salt per day and slowly melt it with the saliva and swallow. To take proper amount of water is still possible. Before carrying out the strict diet-break therapy, one can in advance carry through natural diet therapy. To eat less is actually a very important preparation before diet-break therapy. Persistence is the key. Not to be intimidated by diabetes and show confidence and faith to struggle with diabetes are the most important factors. Bamboo salt dosage should be gradually increased. Diabetics will then have an alarming effect through bamboo salt-diet-break therapy.

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