Bamboo Salt: The Health Maker

What is bamboo salt?

Bamboo salt is manufactured through a unique ancient method based on the theory of The Five Elements.

It has been commonly used as an essential home-based natural health medicine for medicinal, skin care and general health purposes in Korea for more than thousand years.

It provides alkaline organic mineral salt (pH level 9-12) and supplies 70-80 minerals and trace elements.

It is a strong anti-oxidant (with ORP level up to -426mV) and able to revitalize body cells effectively.

Long-hours high-temperature processing makes bamboo salt an element emitting far infrared wavelength which boosts blood circulation effectively.

Long-term consumption helps to balance the pH value of body fluids and is very beneficial to our acidic bodies and thus help to improve general health.

Several kinds of research have found out many bamboo salt benefits: improving diabetes, weight loss, cancer, allergy, thyroid, gastric, arthritis, dental health, inflammation, yeast infection, sore throat, acne and the list goes on.

How Korean Bamboo Salt is made?

hkiii bamboo salt making process 1

1) The natural sea salt from the Western Coast of South Korea is harvested

hkiii bamboo salt making process 2

2) The sun-dried natural sea salt is filled into 3 years’ growth bamboo trunk

hk3 bamboo salt making process 3

3) The bamboo opening is sealed with red clay taken from unpolluted deep mountain (only red clay from 10 meter depth is used because it is richer in minerals and lower in impurities)

hk111bamboo salt making process 4

4) The bamboo salt is roasted or burned at 900℃ to 1500℃ to remove the impurities and heavy metals. Meanwhile, the minerals and trace elements from the red clay and bamboo trunk are condensed into the bamboo salt.

hk3 bamboo salt making process 5

5) The 1-time roasted bamboo salt has done. The bamboo ash is cleaned up. The bamboo salt is then grinded into powder form and filled into a new bamboo trunk and sealed with red clay for next burning process (repeated burning process, increase the good mineral content and eliminate bad mineral i.e heavy metals).

hkiii bamboo salt making process 6 | hk3 | hk111

6) The 3-time roasted and 6-times roasted bamboo salt is white-greyish in color.

hkiii bamboo salt making process 7 | hk3 purple bamboo salt | hk111 9 roasted jugyeom

7) When it comes to the 9th burn, it is transformed into purple color and found to have the highest efficacy. The scientist believes the change of color is due to rearrangement of the suphur molecule into the hexagonal shape. Ancient wisdom suggests bamboo salt in this form preserves the highest amount of healing energy.


Bamboo Salt & The Five Elements

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Five Elements, or Five Phases, are aspects of Qi.

These are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Each element represents a certain group of body organs that maintains life.

In the poetic language of the Five Elements, health is a harmonious balance of all the elements.

The Qi of the elements waxes and wanes in daily and seasonal cycles. In order to maintain good health, we must replenish the Qi through foods or exercises.

HKIII Bamboo Salt is originally from Korean traditional remedies with thousand years’ history.

It is manufactured based on The Five Elements theory.

The natural sea salt (water) from the western coast of South Korea is filled with 3 years growth’s bamboo (wood).

Next, sealing the bamboos’ opening with red clay (earth) from the deep mountain.

The bamboo salt is then well arranged into a metal trolley (metal) and move into the burning furnace for high-heat roasting for 6-8 hours (fire) by using pine wood and pine resin as burning materials at the temperature of 900ºC – 1500ºC.

The process is repeated for 8 times.

During the ninth roasting process, the 8th times roasted bamboo salt is put into a metal furnace (metal) and the roasting temperature is increased above 1500ºC.

The 9th roasted salt is melted, cooled, solidified and grinded into granule or powder form for consumption.

It is an ideal food to replenish the Qi because it has manifested the positive energy of The Five Elements through its unique manufacturing process.

4 Major Functions of HK3 Bamboo Salt

Supply essential minerals and trace elements 

“In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function”, Dr. Mathias Rath

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner

HKIII Bamboo Salt contains 70-80 types of minerals and trace elements essential to life and optimizes function of other nutrients.

Balancing of body pH

HK3 Bamboo Salt possesses strong alkalinity (pH-10-12) that can neutralize the excess acidic wastes toxins in our body


Free radical harms the basic unit of life, the cell. The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of HKIII Bamboo Salt is -200mV to -426mV which is able to revitalize the damaged cells.

Improve blood circulation

HKIII Bamboo Salt emits far-infra red energy to boost blood circulation

13 Bamboo Salt Benefits Help You Win The Battle of Health

Recent scientific research has revealed many health benefits of the bamboo salt:

  1. Anti-allergic function
  2. Anti-cancer function
  3. Anti-obesity function
  4. Dental treatment and preventive care
  5. Anti-inflammatory function
  6. Preventive care for Salmonella Entertidis
  7. Treatment and preventive care for candida yeast infection
  8. Reducer of chemotherapy side-effects
  9. Preventive care for the ear
  10. Anti-gastric ulcer treatment
  11. Improve diabetes
  12. Treatment for arthritis
  13. Treatment for sore throat

Why You Should Change The Refined Salt To Bamboo Salt?

In 1970, due to severe seawater pollution, scientists sought to purify our edible salt. They could only eliminate the heavy metals mixed in sea salt through chemical processing. However, this process also expelled the abundant and beneficial minerals in sea salt that are beneficial to the human body. Only two components remained: sodium chloride. Over time, people developed various health problems such as hypertension and kidney issues due to long-term consumption of sodium chloride. Therefore, refined salt solved the pollution problem but did not provide enough minerals for the human body.

Furthermore, sea salt dried naturally without high-temperature firing cannot guarantee effective removal of heavy metals, posing certain risks to human health.

Therefore, the demand for bamboo salt arose, not only solving the heavy metal problem but also enriching the salt with minerals. It contains not only the minerals from sea salt but also those from bamboo and red clay. Bamboo salt is a treasure trove of minerals.

The Application Of Bamboo Salt In Daily Life

Minor Ailments

  • Bamboo salt: weight loss enhancer
  • Ease constipation
  • Ease toothache by mixing bamboo salt with toothpaste
  • Prevent hair loss by mixing bamboo salt with hair shampoo
  • Replenish minerals after exercise
  • Eye drop for irritating eye
  • Mix with baby milk to kill germs and enhance baby’s bone growth
  • Relieve insomnia by putting the bamboo salt sachet on back of your head
  • Relieve mosquito bite
  • Relieve sick pet by mixing bamboo salt with your pet’s drinks
  • Relieve gastric reflux

Food & Beverages

  • Enhance the flavor, mouth feel and freshness of foods & beverages
  • Neutralize the acidic chemical additives in foods & beverages

Beauty & Skin Care

  • Bamboo salt: Face mask
  • Bamboo salt: Acne treatment
  • Bamboo salt: body wash to relieve skin problem such as eczema
  • Teeth whitening by mixing bamboo salt with toothpaste


  • Massage bamboo salt on body for muscle relaxation and better blood circulation
  • Massage bamboo salt water on head to prevent hair loss
  • Bamboo salt foot spa is good for health especially for people with hypertension or high blood pressure


The following group of people are recommended to consume HKIII:

For individuals experiencing excessive mental stress – which can lead to hormonal imbalances – bamboo salt, rich in minerals, can help restore hormonal balance. Customers have reported feeling calmer after consuming bamboo salt. Additionally, long-term meditation practitioners find it easier to enter a state of deep meditation with regular consumption of bamboo salt.

For those who stay up late – this can cause inflammation in the body, known as “internal heat.” Bamboo salt, with its rich electrolytes, effectively helps to reduce this internal heat.

For travelers – who often face digestive issues due to long journeys – bamboo salt can promote bowel movements and alleviate constipation effectively.

For athletes – who lose significant amounts of salt and minerals through sweating during exercise – bamboo salt can replenish lost salt and electrolytes, providing athletes with greater endurance.

For cooking enthusiasts – bamboo salt is recommended for cooking as it not only removes heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins from food but also enhances flavor effectively. Some customers even use bamboo salt as a substitute for MSG, making family meals healthier.

What makes HKIII bamboo salt different? The raw materials from World Heritage Site

HKIII Bamboo Salt embodies excellence through its meticulous selection of raw materials. It utilizes mineral-rich sea salt, bamboo sourced from UNESCO-endorsed world heritage sites, red clay from deep mountains, and pine wood harvested from rocky mountain regions. This careful curation guarantees a product of unmatched quality and purity. Each crystal of HKIII Bamboo Salt reflects authenticity and excellence, showcasing a dedication to tradition and enduring quality.

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HKIII Bamboo Salt is packed into several packagings based on different grades and usages. The hot selling bamboo salt products include cooking bamboo salt (for cooking), life bamboo salt (as health drink), purple bamboo salt (for fast healing), bamboo salt soap (for cosmetic and skin allergy relief) and bamboo salt mineral coffee (for vitality and energy).

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