GlucoLess – Total Blood Sugar Optimizer | 4 Bottles | Save RM60


  • Clinically researched ingredient
  • 2 teaspoons = block carbohydrate from 1 bowl of rice
  • 75 grams x 3 bottles
  • 90 days supply
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GlucoLess – Total Blood Sugar Optimizer

“Eat what you love”

Clinical Trial
Active ingredient in GlucoLess can effectively blocks the glucose absorption. To test the effectiveness of GlucoLess:
Diabetic testers consume 75 gram of sugary water after drink GlucoLess.
2 hours later, exam the blood sugar level.
It shown Glucoless able to blocks the glucose absorption and maintain their glucose level.

2 teaspoons GlucoLess before meal = block glucose from a bowl of rice

3 Essentials of GlucoLess

    • Reduce glucose absorption
    • Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity & production
    • Reduce glucose production in liver

Active Ingredients

    • White Mulberry Leaf Extract
      DNJ founds in white mulberry leaf extract reduces glucose absorption in intestines and reduces glucose production in liver.
    • Purple Bamboo Salt
      Contains 80 types of minerals aids in promoting healthy insulin sensitivity
    • Stevia
      Promotes healthy insulin production

Way of Consumption
2 teaspoon GlucoLess mix with 300ml lukewarm water. Drink 30 minutes before meal.

For more information, go to Glucoless Product Introduction Page


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