Read This Before You Buy Bamboo Salt (Review By Experts & Users)

Bamboo Salt Review (By Experts)

After knowing bamboo salt and bamboo salt therapies, experts from all over the world regard bamboo salt and the therapies as treasures. They undergo bamboo salt review by rigid experiments and validation and come out with the following conclusion:

“Bamboo salt is the king of salt”
Chinen Ryuichi, Secretary, Japanese Natural Medical Society


“Food, which consists of more restorative capacity, is better for human body. In this sense, the bamboo salt is most outstanding food. “
Shigeo Haruyama, Japanese renowned medical scientist


“Yellow pine bamboo (An alias for bamboo salt in Japan) is an exceptional discovery by researchers of science”
Nakayama, Japanese renowned medical scientist


“To clean blood with bamboo salt, the result is beyond challenge.”
“Bamboo salt is a kind of remedies used to prevent and cure various types of diseases.” “There are two definitions on medicine: The first definition is that we call bamboo salt a kind of natural remedies due to the use of natural substances. Secondly, it is also a remedy compounded by medical particles gathered in the Universe. Bamboo salt is the first complex remedy.
Kim II Hoon, Korean folk medical scientist


“Bamboo salt consists of great efficacy towards cancers.”

Kim Zhong Hshan, Korean expert of bamboo salt


“Bamboo salt can efficaciously control the acidified microbe and carcinogen from Cancerous growth and aging.
Professor Park Geon Jung from the University of Fushan, Korea


“Bamboo salt proves a remarkable efficacy towards stomach problems.”
China professor Wang Qi from the Chinese Medicine Institute of Post-graduate


“Bamboo salt, is the most and the last amazing remedy in 21st century”

Creator of Chinese bamboo salt Dr. Lin Yun Gao


“Bamboo salt therapies are so efficacious.”
Former chief of Chinese medical administration in China


“Bamboo salt is a safe basic food. Over-intake will not cause side effects”

Harvard University Cancer Research Center


“Human blood pH must be maintained between pH 7.35 to pH7.45. An acidic blood pH may cause many health problems.”
World Health Organization


Bamboo Salt Review (By Korean Artists)

bamboo salt review korean artist skin

Uhm Jung-hwa is a South Korean actress, singer, and lingerie designer. Her secret of keeping smooth and supple skin is mixing a small amount of bamboo salt with cleansing milk for facial cleaning.


hk3 bamboo salt review rain korea sore throat

Korean superstar, Rain, was entering the Japan entertainment market in 2005. At that time, he was busy on filming and recording of his new album ‘Sad Tango’. Once he heard about the bamboo salt was so beneficial to a sore throat, without hesitation, he licked the bamboo salt and continue recording overnight. Rain was so busy and lack of rest. Sometimes, he even worked till the next morning. However, Rain still looked energetic.

Hui Ming, Wong, Taipei Central News Agency Reporter, 18-01-2005
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hk3 bamboo salt review korean artist bigger eye

Korean actor, Kim Min Jung, has disclosed her secret of the beautiful eye.  She was interviewed by SBS Power FM (South Korea) about how to keep her eyes crystal clear. Amazingly, her answer is to use bamboo salt water to rinse her eyes 2 to 3 times a week. She mentioned her eye look bigger after using bamboo salt water on eye care.

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Bamboo Salt Review (By HKIII KLS User)

got my blood sugar level dropped of 7 mmol/l after taking 24 sachets of bamboo salt in 12 days

After consuming HK3 Bamboo Salt for 12 days, blood sugar level of Jowell (from Philippines) has dropped from 12mmol/l to 7mmol/l. It is also scientifically proven that bamboo salt promotes glucose metabolism and improve diabetes.


helping your health and beauty

Bamboo salt has very high antioxidant power (up to ORP -426mV). Dermatology research has shown antioxidant activity has skin whitening effects. On the other hand, 70-80 types of minerals of bamboo salt help to detox, calm and rejuvenate the skin. HKIII has borrowed the power of bamboo salt and other proven plant-based ingredients and we are more than happy to bamboo salt soap of HK3 which is made with love.


this was introduced by a friend in Bangkok Thailand

Quality product worth spreading. HKIII bamboo salt was introduced to other country like Thailand through word of mouth.


hk3 bamboo salt review islamic

From viewpoint based on Islamic Al-Quran suggested that whoever started the meal with a drink and a pinch of salt, one is prevented from 330 kinds of diseases.


hk3 bamboo salt featured on malaysia newspaper sinar harian


HK3 bamboo salt significantly improves diabetes and the story has knocked the bell of the town. Malaysia renowned Newspaper, Sinar Harian had sent her reporter to interview the HK3 user,  Pn. Bustaniah and published the diabetic cure story on December 2010.

hk3 bamboo salt review diabetes chinese

My mum has consumed hk3 bamboo salt for 3 months. Her blood sugar level has dropped from 9mmol/l to 5.5mmol/l, Seng Hing Wong.


hk3 bamboo salt review diabetes chinese 02

After consuming bamboo salt for 1 year, blood sugar level of my father has dropped from 13mmol/l to 5mmol/l, Kenny Choo.


hk3 bamboo salt review constipation

I add a little bit of bamboo salt into coffee, it solves my constipation problem, Bebee Sim.


hk3 bamboo salt review very good

HK3 Bamboo Salt is a very good product, Jack Soo.


hk3 bamboo salt review good 5

I haven’t tried, but I know it is very good, Bibi Fly.


hk3 bamboo salt review hair loss

I massage my head with bamboo salt water. You can see my result after 3 months, Vincent.


hk3 bamboo salt brunei sultan

HK3 Bamboo Salt was introduced to Sultan Brunei.


bamboo salt review on stroke, hypertension, gout, uric acid, gastric, arthritis, asthma

Testimonial of hypertension, gout, gastric, arthritis and asthma.


bamboo salt review on tuberculosis, dog, kidney inflammation, high blood pressure

Testimonial of tuberculosis, sick pet, kidney inflammation and hypertension.


bamboo salt on newspaper

HK3 bamboo salt user feedbacks on the newspaper: improve mouth ulcer, helps with detox, ease constipation, a better taste of food when using bamboo salt for food seasoning, improve bone diseases.


bamboo salt on newspaper and health magazine

HK3 bamboo salt user feedbacks on the newspaper: improve thyroid, replenish electrolytes after exercise, helps with weight loss, improve back pain, improve unusual menstrual problem.


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